Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinosaur Train Birthday Party

Miss S had her big birthday bash this weekend, it was a Dinosaur Train Party. I still am having a hard time believing that she is going to be 2 this week! Where has the time gone.  We had a ROARing good time at the party and the weather was perfect.  Thanks to all of our family and friends for celebrating with us.

We had a herbivore and carnivore themed menu!

I think Miss S was most excited about the cake and ice cream...a girl after my own heart!

The Menu

Pteranodon Eggs

Cretaceous Forest Cherry Salad
Stegosaurus Pasta Salad 
Meglaosaurus Melon & Berries
Apatosaurus Potato Salad

For the Carnivores, Brachiosaurus Brats, Dino Dogs and Brontosaurus Burgers
For the Dinosaur sweet tooth, Jurassic Jello

I had intended on ordering the cake from the bakery I always go to but they were on vacation this week so my mom ended up making the cake.  It was delicious!

I thought about having some games like Pin the Tail on the T-Rex or having a Dinosaur Dig or Dinosaur Egg Hunt but most of the kids in attendance were all pretty small. Instead we just set up an area with a water table, chalkboard, coloring books and a tunnel they could crawl through. They all seemed to have a blast.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl
Eating Cake and Ice Cream

Taking a few notes

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  1. Super cute! My littlest is turning 2 next month and I'm planning a Dinosaur Train party for her, as well. I will be snagging some of your ideas! :)


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